David Gascoyne Financial Services Ltd: trust our experience

I encourage clients to allow us to look at their financial planning as a whole, so as to have a coherent strategy that takes account of pensions, investments, life assurance, mortgages, wills and estate planning etc.   However, I recognise that many people would prefer just to look at one particular aspect and that is fine.  Below are just a few of the ways that I can help you.


Taking the benefits from pensions

This is one of the main areas in which I am asked to advise clients.  The options as to how to take the benefits are numerous and choosing the best one can massively improve your financial position.  I often explain to clients:-


  • Which is the best option for them, an Annuity, or Drawdown
  • Whether or not they qualify for an enhanced income due to their health, or other factors
  • What happens on death with the various options and how you can maximise the inheritance for the next generation
  • How much tax-free cash sum you should take
  • What the implications are of taking the benefits early or late



Life and health insurance

Although this is only a small part of what my clients ask me to do, it is still worth stating that, as an independent financial adviser, I can find you the best deal. 


What is more, I can, if you prefer, charge a fee for this work and rebate the commission, which means that you pay a lower premium.  This usually works to the benefit of my clients, who are typically better off under this payment system after two or three years.


Investments, including pensions

When clients come to me for investment advice, they want that advice to be unbiased and they want to know what risks are involved.  They also want to know that they can trust my judgement.  


I only recommend investments in which I would be happy to invest my own money.  I am naturally a cautious investor myself and I only use investments that are transparent, straightforward and competitively priced.


Keeping the charges low is imperative.  Over the years since I became an IFA in 1999, I have learned some hard lessons about investment risk and charges.  The slump in the stock market between April 2000 and March 2003 was right at the start of my career and though it wasn't pleasant at the time, I learned valuable lessons about how to make sure my clients invest in a way that suits their risk profile.  Click on the "how to assess your risk profile" tab to learn what factors you should consider when deciding how much risk to take.